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I Love Zoom Because…

I Love Zoom Because…

… I love being with my daughter, Julia, and I get to be in her kitchen every Sunday via Zoom with lots of other people from all over the world who love being with her too. Everyone gets a seat at Julia’s table, and being her mother, of course, I assume they can only love being with her as much as I do.

Julia is a home cook, a teacher and a friend. She will get you through to the other side of any concerns you might have about cooking. Her Zoom classes will build your cooking skills and repertoire, so meals are never boring, always delicious and fun to prepare for eating when ready or storing to eat later. All because, you deserve tasty food and a good time with good people.

Yes, this is outright, blatant promotion, but it’s shared from love — the love of my daughter — and I love being at this big virtual table with people from all over the world.

IMG 5003

One of Julia’s amazingly delicious finished dishes.

Sundays With Julia starts at two o’clock EST. Days in advance she emails the shopping list, the recipes with options to suit your taste or dietary needs. After the class, the recording arrives in your email with resource lists and answers to questions that came up during the ninety-plus minute Zoom.

A lot of people measure, chop, peel, mix and cook along with Julia. Some just watch what she’s doing. I am one of them, a post-class cook, because I have yet to buy a tablet. So, I watch Julia’s class on the desktop computer in my office. I watch her give clear, step-by-step directions and keep calm and cook on” advice that inspires others to offer cooking experiences and suggestions of their own. 

I have learned a lot on Sundays With Julia, not only about food and flavors, but also about cooking equipment and how to be fearless and not overwhelmed by the orchestration required to prepare, serve and clean up after eating what I’ve cooked. Julia is genius at minimizing the clean-up. For this, I am deeply grateful. In our house, the clean-up job often falls to me because I don’t do much of the cooking. Cooks, the clean-up-crews, everybody has a seat at Julia’s table. Zoom has made bringing people together easy and so has Julia.