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My Bio in Chairs

P.S. 93 School Chair
One, I fit! 

This is my kindergarten chair from P.S. 93 in the Bronx, on Story Avenue off Bruckner Boulevard. The chair was heavy. It was oak and solid and shiny from years of five-year-olds wiggling around. My kindergarten chair was grounded. You could not push it over, and when I sat in it, my feet touch the ground. I fit the chair. I belonged.

Photo, Acrylic on Canvas
54 x 46″

My bio 4

Someday you’ll have a little money and you’ll get them covered.” 

Having recently purchased a modern Corbusier armchair, I invited my mother to take a gander. Mom’s opinion: Maybe one day you’ll have the money to get them covered.” 

Photo, Acrylic on Canvas
54 x 71″

My bio 1

Someday you’ll have a little money and you’ll get them covered.”
And I did. 

Life-size slipcovers.

My bio 2

The Corbusier Chair

The Corbu swaddles me and is the chair I meditate in. It reminds me of an old Japanese Haiku in which a kimono speaks the words, whose arms will I hold tonight.”

Acrylic on Canvas
54 x 66“
Signed on verso

My bio 3